Trash Wang at the Rickshaw Theatre

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      Admittedly, there’s something about it that sounds unsavoury. You know what a “Trash Wang” brings to mind? The answer is the johnson of a hobo who spends his day Dumpster-diving in the nude, in case you are curious. Or, if you prefer, Kid Rock’s pecker. This Friday (December 14) at the Rickshaw, however, Trash Wang is the title of a pretty smoking four-band bill. The undercard features two of Vancouver’s finest punk bands, with both White Lung and Joyce Collingwood making a strong case that the city’s girls do things better than the boys as far as fast, loud, and smart goes. Second-billed is Sacramento’s Trash Talk, a quartet that’s not only recorded with Steve Albini, but collaborated with the Circle Jerks/Off! singer Keith Morris, all of this being impressive enough to land a deal with Odd Future Music, the official label of hip-hop titans Odd Future. Finally, you’ve got MellowHype in the headlining position, the Los Angeles hip-hop duo featuring members of—you guessed it—Odd Future, which explains the Trash Talk connection, but offers no explanation as to what a Trash Wang is.