Tupac Shakur killing a step closer to being solved with Vegas arrest of suspect Duane “Keefe D” Davis

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      Many endless mysteries make America so relentlessly fascinating: who killed Tupac Shakur; who orchestrated the assassination of JFK; what does the government really know about UFOs; where’s Jimmy Hoffa; and how exactly do they get the caramel into the Caramilk bars?

      Today, we’re a step closer to one of the answers.

      Hip-hop fans have wondered who killed Shakur in Las Vegas ever since he was shot to death in a car in 1996. Vegas police announced this afternoon they’ve finally made an arrest.

      In a press conference, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department named Duane Keith Davis as the suspected “shot caller” in the case. Known on the streets as “Keefe D,” the 60-year-old today looks suspiciously like one of the secondary characters in the VR boxing game Creed: Championship Edition. Rest easy, Benjamin “Benji” Reid, and see you in the ring.

      Even though he’s only accused of orchestrating the hit rather than pulling the trigger, Davis has been indicted by a grand jury in Nevada on one count of murder with a deadly weapon. He was arrested this morning outside his Vegas home.

      A childhood friend of late N.W.A frontman Eazy-E, and a member of the California-based gang South Side Compton Crips, Davis has been linked to the 2Pac killing in the past. In 2011 he claimed that, back in 1996, Sean “Diddy” Combs commissioned him for a $1 million hit on Tupac and rap mogul Suge Knight.

      Tupac was shot four times while sitting in a car at a red light. At the time he was embroiled in a major rap beef with East Coast legend Biggie Smalls, who was shot six months later in a case that is also currently unsolved.

      In addition to his multi-platinum rap career, the man known as 2Pac also had a successful side hustle as a Hollywood actor, appearing in such films as Juice and Above the Rim. In the years since his death he's become an international pop culture icon, revered in much the same way as Kurt Cobain, Marily Monroe, James Deen, and Elvis Presley. 

      Speaking of The King, America is still waiting on an answer to another question: “If Elvis really died on the toilet at Graceland, how come Louise Welling reported seeing him in line in Kalamazoo, Michigan’s Felpausch supermarket, in 1988?” And don’t even get us started on the endless Burger King sightings.