Turbo Fruits at the Waldorf Hotel

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      Sometimes good things crawl out of the wreckage. Take Turbo Fruits, hailing from the shit-kicker capital of the world, also known as Nashville, Tennessee. Once upon a time, guitarist Jonas Stein had the ever-so-rough job of standing on-stage with bleach-blond dynamo Jemina Pearl in Be Your Own Pet, a band that, for a brief time, looked like it was going to be bigger than Taylor Swift. Or at least L7. When that group imploded a half-dozen years ago, Stein had a backup plan: namely, committing full-time to Turbo Fruits, which gives you a good idea of what the Black Keys would sound like if they’d grown up listening to Turbonegro, Jon Spencer, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs instead of the Wu-Tang Clan and Junior Kimbrough. Can’t remember the last time you were at a decent house party—the kind with a kick-ass garage band that comes unhinged three songs in? Rectify that by hitting the Waldorf on Friday (November 30), when Turbo Fruits pull into town and hook up with White Lung. And watch out for the wreckage that’s sure to follow.