Vancouver police release photos of top 10 suspects wanted for rioting at PNE's Breakout Festival

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      Vancouver Police have released photos of 10 concert-goers who used this past September’s Breakout Festival at the PNE to reenact their favourite parts of Netflix’s Trainwreck: Woodstock ‘99.

      A riot broke out at the PNE Amphitheatre on September 18 when Lil Baby, who was scheduled to appear on the second day of the weekend hip-hop event, cancelled at the last minute.

      The crowd reacted by destroying vendor kiosks and tents, smashing portable fridges and garbage bins, making off with television sets and video monitors, and generally acting like Limp Bizkit was onstage ripping through an extra-banging version of “Break Stuff”.

      Weirdly, none of rioters seemed aware that, due to these newfangled contraptions called cell phones, they were being filmed by security staff, onsite peanut vendors, and their fellow concertgoers.

      Damage, including to the surrounding neighbourhood, ended up being in the tens of thousands of dollars. That resulted in multiple arrests as well as a VPD announcement on September 18 that it was crowdsourcing video to find additional suspects.

      That’s led to today’s Top 10 Suspects list, along with the following request: “Help us hold the suspects accountable.”

      The VPD is also still looking for additional photo and video footage.

      To submit a tip, or, you know, make your own short list of which rioters you’d least enjoy sharing a tent with at Woodstock 2029 with, go here.

      ps. Bonus points for identifying the guy whose favourite part of Trainwreck: Woodstock '99 was the Limp Bizkit footage. Hint: He's number.....