VanCity’s finest rap acts come together for VanCity Giants 2

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      Various artists
      VanCity Giants 2 (Vanguards/Nation of Millions/VanCity)

      VanCity Giants 2 gets a crocodile sticker in rhyming, because having a rap album come from Vancouver is like sending your kid to some hippie alternative school and expecting them to get into Harvard. This compilation features VanCity’s finest rap acts, including Madchild, Kyprios, Panther, Snak the Ripper, K-OS, and Moka Only—who once ran with that one-hit-wonder group Len. Remember them? “Steal My Sunshine”?

      The mix tape is a compilation of freestyles submitted by all the artists and later retooled—by Jay Swing, Flipout, and Kemo—into one cohesive, hourlong jam. Things start off with a mash of news clips, including ones from the infamous Stanley Cup riot. The first highlight, clocking in at 16 minutes, is by the Closers (Sonreal & Rich Kidd), with their “Best Believe”, feeling like it was invented anywhere in the world but a coffee shop on Main Street. Other standouts include Fizal Stars’ “Live Nigga”, Anami Vice X Curtis Monumental’s “Sandpaper”, and Tony Mason’s “No Rulez” (because he mentions coke and percs and kind of channels a GG Allin vibe if GG was a rapper who didn’t have a mean bone in his body and just walked around bloody, with his dick out, murmuring “I do drugs, let’s do drugs” over and over). Oh, and props to the mid-tape message from Nardwuar the Human Serviette, which is obviously goofy and weird and super Nardwuar. Super Canadian. It’s a rap mix tape with the usual “suck my dick”, “fill my cup” lyrics, but then there are some surprisingly weird subjects, most of which are localized—like shout-outs to North Van, nightclubs in the Granville entertainment district, and the very, very specific types of women you might find in these clubs (while sipping on Patrón, of course). Oh, and no girls perform on the tape.

      What else can be said? Listen to it for yourself. It’s available online.




      Jan 5, 2013 at 12:43am

      Whoa.. someone sounds waay too much like Kendrick Lamar.. style and everything. Tripped me out.