What’s In Your Fridge: Victoria Sieczka

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      What’s In Your Fridge is where the Straight asks interesting Vancouverites about their life-changing concerts, favourite albums, and, most importantly, what’s sitting beside the Heinz ketchup in their custom-made Big Chill Retropolitan 20.6-cubic-foot refrigerators.

      On the grill

      Victoria Sieczka

      Who are you

      I’m a local mural artist and musician. I’m currently painting the Anza Club for the Vancouver Mural Festival. The mural is called “Community Garden” and highlights the local area and its diverse residential population by celebrating the surrounding local parks and subtly nodding to the Anza Club’s Australian roots. The mural is a collaboration between Yellow Tail, VMF, and the Anza Club. You can come see it during the festival from August 4 to 13.

      First concert

      The first concert I ever went to was a slew of Elvis impersonators. My mom was obsessed. We would go to local impersonator concerts or meet-and-greets at the mall. One time (to my relief) she switched it up and we saw a couple ABBA impersonators.

      Life-changing concert

      I remember I was really into psych/garage rock in my early 20s. I saw Ty Segall play his album Twins at the Waldorf and I proceeded to run up to him after he got off stage to profess my love and sign my cassette tape. I saw him play 13 times after that.

      Top three records

      Broncho Bad Behaviour  A perfect album from start to finish. This Broncho album oozes cool with grungy guitar riffs coupled with a mix of pop and rock beats. On my favorite song “Boys Got to Go” you can really hear their unique sound come through with their rough, distorted sound and dynamic vocals.

      Migos Culture  As a neurodivergent music fan, my taste tends to be all over the place. Rap and hip hop hold a special place in my heart, and this album solidified that. With bangers like “T-Shirt” and “Bad and Bougee” this album is an instant classic.

      Charli XCX Crash  Charli is a pop prodigy, the future of music. Her lyrics are cool and effortless, her production is top notch. “Beg For You” is one of my favorite tracks off the album, as it references ’90s nostalgia with a modern edge.

      All-time favourite video

      Peach Pit “Vickie”  I would have to say Peach Pit’s “Vickie” music video solely because I’m in it, but otherwise I’d go with “Money For Nothing” by Dire Straits because the CG always terrified me and stuck with me to this day.

      What’s in your fridge

      A lot of Borscht. My mom is Ukrainian and my dad is from Poland, and they immigrated here back in the ’80s. They are big on foraging and preservation. My mom still likes to uphold her family traditions and pass along her pickled foods to everyone. She is also famous for her pickles, which I also have a couple jars of as well.

      Garlic butter. Garlic butter is amazing. You know the kind that comes in the little gold wrapping from the store? It goes on everything. I recently found out I was allergic to gluten, so I eat pretty simple most days. love to get golden-yellow nugget potatoes and bathe them in it. I wouldn’t be surprised if I had a permanent essence of garlic.

      Wet cat food. I was a part of a Facebook group for adoptable animals and one day an ad came up for a two-year-old cat that was having a lot of trouble finding a home. She looked terrified, so I drove over to Abbotsford to pick her up straight away. She has been with me ever since, despite finding out that this adoption agency uses this edge to pull at the heart strings of all possible adopters. Now my fridge is full of wet, stinky cat food but my home is full of love.

      Check out Victoria Sieczka's "Community Garden" at the Anza Club as part of the Vancouver Mural Fest, running August 4 to 14.