With fall around the corner, the TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival wants you to help plot out the coming months

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      Like pretty much every other cultural institution in Vancouver, the TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival has had the kind of year that might be loosely described as challenging.

      One of the biggest and most beloved events in the city—musical or otherwise—the Jazz Fest made the difficult decision to pull the plug on 2020 early, announcing the event’s cancellation on April 9. Vancouver was in the early stages of lockdown at that point, and given what’s happened since, the call was the right one.

      Since then, festival organizers have done their best to engage fans missing live music, offering up initiatives like “Buy a Record, Make a Difference”. (Dozens of artists who where supposed to play the TV Vancouver International Jazz Festival were interviewed, including the breakout likes of Parlour Panther, Missy D and Ruby Singh, as well as established titans like Peggy Lee, Dawn Pemberton, and Dylan van der Schyff.)

      With the summer winding down, and a fall chill starting to creep into the nights, the Jazz Fest is now looking to the coming months. And that’s where you come in.

      The festival is asking fans to take a streaming survey. It’s a simple one, where you only need to state the time of day when you’d be most likely to watch a streamed performance, and the platform you’d be mostly like to watch on. For the former, sorry insomniacs, but 4 a.m. is not an option.

      For the latter Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and YouTube are all listed, but these three have done enough to destroy small businesses—luckily you can also click "Other", and then write in something that’s actually artist-friendly like the homegrown Side Door.

      What will the Jazz Festival do with your info? That’s to be revealed in the coming weeks.

      It’s called on jazz fans to help navigate the future with the following statement: “With the changing of the seasons comes a shift in what you’ll be seeing from us. We have some exciting news to share soon, but before we do, we need your input! Please fill out the form at the link below so we can make decisions based on what works best for our audience and community.”

      Here’s the link.