With tongue-in-cheek lyrics and power pop riffs, CC Voltage’s Berliner Pilsner b/w Bummer Party is refreshing and satisfying

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      The first track on "Berliner Pilsner" b/w "Bummer Party", the new 7-inch from CC Voltage, was quite literally written in the style of an ’80s beer commercial—in fact, Voltage even entered it in a songwriting competition held by his favourite beer company (you guessed it: Berliner Pilsner) while living in Berlin. Nevermind that his submission didn’t get a response. With tongue-in-cheek lyrics that retain the Vancouver artist’s signature sense of humour—and some serious guitar shredding, tight percussion, and stripped down, no-nonsense arrangements—“Berliner Pilsner” is another winner in Voltage’s prolific catalogue. 

      Vancouver rock royalty at this point, Voltage is a member of handfuls of local bands including the Spitfires and Autogramm. For the single, he enlisted a sprawling crew of friends: Jason Solyom (La Chinga, Nasty On), Jay Millette (Black Halos, Darlings of Chelsea), Rich Jones (Michael Monroe, Black Halos, Dogs D'Amour, Loyalties, Yo-Yo's), Graham Tuson (Spitfires) Marcel Lafleur (Arson, Smashed Gladys) and James Sullivan (More Kicks, Suspect Parts). Together, they contribute to the rowdy atmosphere on B-side “Bummer Party,” which, with hard-driving glam metal riffs and shout-a-long harmonies, creates their own fun at a “lame” party.  

      Like the can-opening crack at the start of “Berliner Pilsner,” the pairing of these two singles is refreshing and satisfying. 

      "Berliner Pilsner" b/w "Bummer Party" is out now via Ausländer Music and Snap Records.