You Nearly Missed: Beach Fossils at The Pearl

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      As far as album opening lines go, they are ones almost all of us can relate to—even on the days when we, deceptively, seem to have everything figured out.

      Beach Fossils’ frontman Dustin Payseur starts off the band’s dream-hazed fourth full-length, Bunny, with the “Sleeping On My Own” confesssion that “I don’t know what to say/I’m tryna get myself together.” Sometimes YouTube commenters put things more beautifully than the rest of us, and that’s the case in this instance, with the (somewhat terrifying-looking) @Hi-fd4cw chiming in with, “Just moved into a new apartment by myself after a breakup. This song couldn’t be more appropriate.”

      Bunny is indeed a record made for mellow Friday nights, rainy Sunday mornings, and, really, any day when you’re okay being by yourself with a double latte and a thriftstore copy of Tell Me When It’s Over: Notes from the Paisley Underground.

      Sad? Sure, at times. But, like in life, the sun pokes through the grey clouds—especially with “Run To the Moon” offering a trippy take on golden-hour alt-country, and “Feel So High” acting as a shimmering psych-pop soundtrack for chasing California rainbows.

      Need another endorsement? The FADER has described the group as “one of the most influential indie rock bands of the past decade.” 

      Formed in Brooklyn in 2009, Beach Fossils has spent the past decade-and-a-half carving out a lo-fi place on the same mix tapes at Beach House, Beaches, and Menace Beach. If all those bands threw a Williamsburg house party, you can be assured that the Velvet Underground, Spiritualized, and the Byrds would all be blaring from the stereo. And no one would be happier with that than Beach Fossils’ main singer and songwriter.

      For a fitting cap to that party, let’s go with the final track on Bunny. The gloriously gauzy “Waterfall” has Payseur looking into the light with the final lines, “Don’t look back/Just put it all behind/And you could be happy.” Hopefully, you can relate.

      Beach Fossils

      Where: The Pearl

      When: Thursday (November 9)

      Tickets: Modo Live

      Instagram: @beachfossilsnyc