You Nearly Missed: Carly Rae Jepsen at Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre

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      Carly Rae Jepsen

      At Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre on October 29

      Poor Mission. It’s easy for Metro Vancouverites to forget it even exists. It’s barely in the Lower Mainland. You never have any reason to go there. But as soon as Carly Rae is mentioned, suddenly she’s our hometown hero and local pop princess—and we all pretend like the Westcoast Express terminal stop is a core part of the Vancouver music scene. The Mission-born Ms. Jepsen is back in town for the first time since 2019, hot on the heels of her new album, The Loneliest Time.

      Lead singles “Western Wind” and “Beach House” have already established themselves as bangers, but Jepsen’s live shows sparkle in how she mixes up-tempo hits with hot-girl yearning. From smooth synth pop to '80s-tinged electro, the catchy choruses often belie songs about heartbreak, emotional distance, or just really wanting to get laid. Get ready for Thunderbird Arena to swap its standard-issue sports bros for the girls, gays, and theys who just want to scream along to “Cut To The Feeling” and cry. You will know them by the trail of glitter they leave behind on the '99.