You Nearly Missed: Old Man Canyon’s “So Long Babylon” release party at the Hollywood

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      The great thing about Old Man Canyon’s new EP So Long Babylon is how songwriter Jett Pace seems like a man who views the world through a dream-fever lens. West Coast chillwave almost works as a starting descriptor, except there’s also something beautifully unearthly about the five tracks, which are built around water-shimmer synths and ghost-whisper vocals.

      For proof that weird can be wonderful, look no further than “In Our Own Way”, where Pace creates the perfect soundscape for star-gazing on the wave-crashed shores of Tofino, or drifting through the cosmos—even if the journey is only an imagined one.

      We’re currently at that point in the calendar year when the skies are perpetually grey and the days somehow seem extra melancholy. Think of it as a time for reflection and introspection. Need someone who gets the ebbs and flows of the endlessly weird journey that is life? Cue up So Long Babylon’s “Never Apart”, where Pace sings, “I’ve seen it all before, we don’t care anymore/Keep us asleep, we'll wake up eventually.”

      Dreamy in the most downbeat and delirious of ways? Totally, to the point where you’ll not only be asking, “What’s even real anymore?” when Old Man Canyon plays a So Long Babylon release party at the Hollywood tonight, but be perfectly okay not having an answer.

      Old Man Canyon

      Where: Hollywood Theatre

      When: Tonight (November 19)

      Tickets: Here

      Instagram: @oldmancanyon