North Korea fires ballistic missile, lands in Sea of Japan

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      According to news reports, North Korea fired an intercontinental ballistic missile today (November 28) in the direction of Japan.

      The missile travelled in the air for 50 minutes approximately 1,000 kilometres before landing in the Sea of Japan within Japan's exclusive economic zone.

      Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ordered an emergency meeting with cabinet ministers.

      The U.S. Department of Defense stated today in a news release that they detected the missile launch from Sain-ni, North Korea, around 1:17 p.m. EST (10:17 a.m. PST).

      According to White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, U.S. President Donald Trump was informed about the situation while the missile was still in flight.

      In response to the launch, South Korea conducted a precision missile-firing drill. 

      Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland denounced the launch.

      "Canada condemns in the strongest terms North Korea’s continued ballistic missile launches, in direct violation of many United Nations Security Council resolutions," Freeland stated in a news release. "This latest launch is a reckless and dangerous act that threatens regional and global security. Canada is unwavering in its support for Japan, South Korea, and other partners in the region. Canada fully supports regional and international efforts to address the North Korean threat, including through sanctions that pressure North Korea to abandon its nuclear and ballistic missile programs."

      The missile is North Korea's third intercontinental ballistic missile test and the 15th missile launch this year. It is the first missile launch from North Korea since the country fired a missile on September 14 that landed in the Pacific Ocean off the eastern coast of Japan.