Mayoral aspirant Wai Young slams Vision Vancouver for broken promises during 10-year reign

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      A potential contender for Vancouver mayor has laid out a litany of broken promises by the party that has ruled the city since 2008.

      According to Wai Young, incumbent Mayor Gregor Robertson and his Vision Vancouver party had 10 years, but failed to deliver on pledges like affordable housing.

      Young is a former member of Parliament for Vancouver South, and she wants to become the mayoral candidate of the Non-Partisan Association (NPA).

      Young is a federal Conservative, a mother of twins, and foster parent to seven children, three of whom were from refugee camps.

      Vancouver voters go to the polls on October 20, 2018.

      In an email to her supporters, Young recalled that Vision promised to end homelessness.

      “Instead homelessness has increased by 1/3,” the mayoral aspirant wrote in her email, a copy of which was obtained by the Georgia Straight.

      Young did not make herself available for an interview.

      In her email, Young also reminded her supporters that Vision promised to make housing more affordable.

      “Instead, housing is more Unaffordable, with some paying 60-80% of their income for housing,” Young stated.

      According to her, Vision also promised to “help the vulnerable”.

      “Instead, more people are dying from drug overdoses,” Young noted in her email to her supporters.

      She also stated that it takes only about six months to get a building permit in the neighbouring cities of Richmond and Burnaby.

      “In Vancouver, there are 107 different taxes and it takes several years,” Young claimed. 

      Young also wrote that the city is “in debt and pays close to $100 million per year in interest payments”.

      She likewise questioned some of the priorities of Robertson, who has been mayor since 2008.

      “The Mayor's office has 33 Full Time Communications staff which cost taxpayers $2.3 million/year - but we could not have snow removal,” Young wrote.

      In her email, Young urged her supporters to share with others the list of Vision’s broken promises.

      She also asked them to become members of the NPA, and help sign up others.

      Young likewise called on her supporters to attend the NPA nomination meeting on February 21, 2018.