Gregg Zaun pleads ignorance in his "absolute apology" for comments to female colleagues

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      Another day and another apology from a high-profile media personality.

      Today, it was former Sportsnet broadcaster Gregg Zaun's turn after Rogers Media canned him last week for "inappropriate behaviour and comments".

      "Without any exception whatsoever, I want to issue an absolute apology for any harm or distress which may have been caused by my comments with any female colleagues over the recent past," Zaun declared in a statement. "It has never been my intention to give offense to anyone."

      He then claimed that after doing a lot of soul-searching, he recognizes that "my ignorance of the harm caused by my language does not excuse it—for which I accept responsibility."

      "While I am well recognized for my unfiltered criticism of others within the sports world, which has made many critics and enemies—in ignorance I allowed a similar attitude to influence all aspects of my lifestyle, causing distress for female colleagues."

      And on it went.

      If you want to see the entire statement by Zaun, it's in the tweet below.