B.C.'s destructive wildfire season ranks first on Environment Canada list of Top 10 weather stories

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      This was a year of wonky weather in Canada.

      Devastating floods in Ottawa and Montreal, two storms of the century in Windsor, and heavy winter snowfalls in the Lower Mainland all stood out from the norm.

      But according to Environment Canada and Climate Change Canada, the top weather-related story of the year was "B.C.'s longest and most destructive wildfire season".

      They consumed four times the usual amount of land.

      The wildfires also filled B.C. cities with smoke as the Air Quality Health Index shot up to unheard-of levels.

      "This year was all about extremes: too dry, too hot, too wet, too cold, and too mild," the government stated. "December 2016 to November 2017 was the eighth-warmest year on record in 70 years, averaging an increase of 1.4 °C above normal temperatures, and the 21st consecutive warmer-than-normal year."

      Climate change is here, folks, and anyone who denies it needs to have their head examined.

      Below is the full list of the Top 10 weather stories:

      1. British Columbia's longest and most destructive wildfire season
      2. Dry and hot in the West
      3. Spring flooding in Quebec and Ontario
      4. British Columbia's cold and snowy winter
      5. Another Windsor flood: two storms of the century in a year
      6. Central Canada's missing summer
      7. A new storm of the century
      8. Summer in September
      9. Newfoundland's Brier blast
      10. New Brunswick's glaze storm