Bidder offers $5,440 for Queen of Burnaby ferry

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      A B.C. Ferries vessel up for auction has only received one paltry offer.

      The website lists a $5,440 bid, including taxes, for the 52-year-old Queen of Burnaby, which was taken out of service in May.

      That's less than what some people pay for used cars.

      Of course, most pre-owned vehicles are not advertised with disclaimers revealing the existence of "periodic leakage of hydraulic oil" and "hazardous materials that must be managed in accordance with environmental regulations".

      The sailing certificate has expired. This means that the winning bidder will have to tow the Queen of Burnaby to its destination.

      If the Queen of Burnaby were to be converted into a floating restaurant, there would be magnificent views from the deck.
      B.C. Ferries

      It's being sold to anyone for recycling, scrap materials, or who can figure out how it could be used in a "static application".

      That could, for instance, involve turning it into a floating restaurant or, perhaps, converting it into housing for the homeless.

      Any purchaser planning to profit from scrap materials or recycling "must provide evidence that they will do an environmentally acceptable breaking of the ship", according to the listing.

      Update: Queen of Burnaby's highest bid rises to $15,020