Queen of Burnaby's highest bid rises to $15,020

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      On Christmas Day, the Straight reported that only one bid had come in for a 52-year-old B.C. Ferries vessel on the auction block.

      The offer at that time, including taxes, was $5,440 for the Queen of Burnaby on the govdeals.ca website.

      Since then, however, there have been 49 more bids for the ship.

      And with three days and 17 hours left before the online auction's deadline, the highest bid is now $15,020.

      That's still less than some used cars on the market, but it's nearly triple what was on the table less than a week ago.

      There's plenty of parking for anyone who converts the Queen of Burnaby into a restaurant.
      B.C. Ferries

      Whoever buys the Queen of Burnaby will have to tow it to its destination because its sailing certificates have expired.

      It was removed from service on May 16, 2017.

      According to the sales pitch, it can only be used for recycling, scrap, or in a static application. Two of its three generators have been removed.