City announces plan to develop 50 new temporary modular homes near Olympic Village Station

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      The next location has been announced for temporary modular housing—and it's kitty-corner to the Vancouver police station at 2120 Cambie Street.

      The City of Vancouver and B.C. Housing intend to develop approximately 50 of these units for the homeless at 595 and 599 West 2nd Avenue, which is just west of the southern off-ramp of the Cambie Street Bridge.

      "The building would be managed safely and responsibly by a non-profit housing operator selected by BC Housing," the city states in a news release. "The non-profit housing operator would staff the building 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Support services would be available to all tenants."

      It's the fifth site identified as being suitable for temporary modular housing in Vancouver.

      The project must go through the development-permit process, and the city plans to hold community-information sessions with area residents.

      There are plenty of cops in the neighbourhood where the latest temporary modular housing is being proposed.
      Charlie Smith

      The province has provided $66 million to fund 600 units of temporary modular housing in Vancouver for the homeless.

      The project on West 2nd Avenue, if approved, will bring the total already planned to 260.

      "Temporary modular housing is a quick and effective way to address the urgent needs of the City's most vulnerable residents while more permanent housing is being built," the city says. "From last fall until the end of this year, 1,000 new social and supportive housing units will open across Vancouver."