Late-night comics savage President Trump as a complete shithead for comment about "shithole countries"

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      Proving himself again as one of the greatest American orators this side of John F. Kennedy, Franklin Roosevelt, and Barack Obama, U.S. president Donald Trump reportedly wondered aloud yesterday why the United States continues to accept immigrants from “shithole countries”.

      For those curious, said “shitholes” include Haiti, every country on the African continent, and El Salvador. The Mango Mussolini also reportedly asked why America can’t get people from more blindingly white countries like Norway to move stateside.

      The comments were made, according to the Washington Post, at an immigration meeting with a group of bipartisan senators on Thursday.

      Outrage and condemnation was both swift and vicious, with former Mexican president Vicente Fox Quesada getting in one of the earliest and most satisfying tweets.

      But the best savaging of President Shithead came on late-night television. Seth Meyers was so dumbfounded he launched a new segment titled “Seth Has to Walk Away For a Minute”, during which he paced the set while quietly muttering “At what point do you just have some common decency, some human emotion?” Acknowledging the widely held belief that Trump does all of his tweeting while on the dumper, Meyers added, "To be fair, maybe he meant it as a compliment. After all, Trump does all his best tweets when he’s sitting on the shithole.”

      Noting he was stupefied that Trump would make such a comment, Jimmy Kimmel suggested that Trump might be a racist who needs to chased out of the White House with pitchforks.

      The Daily Show host Trevor Noah, who is from South Africa, opined that Trump might be legitimately crazy, before going on to describe himself as an immigrant from "South Shithole". 

      The Late Show host Stephen Colbert, meanwhile, argued that places like Haiti are not shitholes for no other reason than Donald Trump is not their president.

      Yesterday, the White House press staff neither confirmed nor denied that Trump described various countries around the world as shitholes. Trump did however Tweet the following: 

      This morning, to the horror of everyone who voted for him in Florida, Trump argued that he never made any comment about any country being a shithole.

      Maybe he's telling the truth; as the Washington Post has chronicled, it's not like he has a history of twisting the facts.