Burnaby residents demand traffic light at Cariboo Road crosswalk as third person hit in four days

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      Burnaby residents are pressing city hall to install a traffic light at a crosswalk on a stretch of Cariboo Road.

      Three people had been hit by cars in the 7200 block of Cariboo Road in four days, and one of the victims, a 15-year-old girl, died on the scene.

      A cyclist was struck on January 18 at the site, while the fatal accident that claimed the life of the girl happened the previous day.

      The latest incident happened last Saturday (January 20). A pedestrian, identified as Amancio Hernandez, was hit by car at the spot. The driver of the car fled the scene. An online fundraising campaign has been launched for Hernandez, who suffered fractures on his face, ribs, pelvis, knee and hand.

      In a letter to Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan, resident Keri Brummitt expressed anger over the death of the 15-year-old girl.

      Brummitt, who lives at the nearby Caribou Heights Co-op, recalled that residents in the neighbourhood had been calling for a traffic light at the crosswalk for some time.

      “Now there is a dead child .You need to take action and … take a closer look at this problem. In the last 17 years I have lived here the traffic has increased at least 100‐500 fold! The saying here is running the gauntlet or playing Russian roulette [e]verytime we leave our complex!” the resident wrote.

      “Again something needs to be done before someone else does!” Brummitt continued. “Will it take getting the media involved or another fatality? I am disgusted that Burnaby has ignored or done very little to rectify this problem! Do our lives mean that little to our city?”

      Three people had been hit by cars in four days in the 7200 block of Cariboo Road.

      Namita Sahni wrote a separate letter addressed to Corrigan and members of council. Her daughter goes to a nearby daycare on Cariboo Road.

      “The crosswalk has been a dangerous spot ever since it was made. There have been a couple of daycare Moms that wrote to the city to have signal installed at the crosswalk since it is at the bottom of a bridge and hill ,where cars are always coming at a speed,” Sahni noted in her letter.

      “They were just told that it was not dangerous and there wasn't too much traffic to install a light. Well, its 'One life too many'. Does someone have to die for the city to take any action!!!” Sahni added.

      The two letters are part of the agenda of the public safety committee of Burnaby, which meets Tuesday (January 23).

      The committee includes councillors and volunteers from the community.