Rookie Vancouver city councillor Hector Bremner says he’s ready for mayor’s job

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      Hector Bremner may be new on Vancouver city council, but he projects the confidence of someone ready to become mayor.

      “I have a plan for our city, and it’s clear, it’s credible, and we can deliver on it,” Bremner told the Georgia Straight in a phone interview.

      The rookie councillor, who turned 37 in early January, is not coy about his mayoral intentions.

      “I don’t know if anybody can say that they’re a hundred-percent ready,” Bremner said with a laugh when asked if he’s prepared for the top job. “Anybody that tells you that is not telling the truth.”

      His party, the Non-Partisan Association (NPA), is set to open its nomination process to select a mayoral candidate for the October 20, 2018, municipal election, and Bremner is very interested.

      “I think I bring a perspective that’s unique in terms of anybody else that I’ve seen considering these things,” he said.

      Because the NPA has yet to roll out its nomination rules, Bremner cannot declare himself as an official contestant, but he’s busy reaching out to potential supporters.

      “I’m in the process of meeting with [NPA] members and talking with people in the community and inviting them to join the party, and we’ve had a lot of success in that and people are excited,” he said.

      Going back to his plan for the city, Bremner, who took office on October 31 last year after winning a by-election, said that the main plank of his platform is affordable housing.

      “We should really talk about how we build middle-class housing for working families in the city, and that message right now is resonating, so I’m going out there and speaking with people,” he said.

      NPA president Gregory Baker said in a separate interview that the party will open its nomination contest soon and that the vote will likely happen in the spring.

      “Our goal is to provide a long runway between the announcement of our nomination contest and the meeting itself, in order to attract as many great candidates as possible,” Baker told the Straight by phone.