Construction value of Richmond building permits reaches $709 million in 2017

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      Under Mayor Malcolm Brodie, the City of Richmond is well on its way to completing a transition from being a bedroom suburb of Vancouver to a major urban centre.

      Today in his annual mayoral address, Brodie said there has been more than $2.4-billion worth of new development in Richmond in the three years since the last election.

      In 2017 the construction value of building permits reached $709 million, which is the third highest total in the city's history.

      "Sustainable growth within the highly dense city centre is based on transit-oriented development while our single family neighbourhoods, farmland, open space and natural environment are preserved,” Brodie told the Richmond Chamber of Commerce. “Our inventory of employment lands supports business growth and retention to ensure we maintain a vibrant economy."

      He said that the new Capstain Station on the Canada Line has obtained funding, as has a new City Centre North Community Centre and hundreds of new affordable housing units.

      In addition, five new child-care facilities are being developed in the city, which will add 233 more spaces.

      Mayor Malcolm Brodie played a key role in the creation of the annual Richmond World Festival, which was launched in 2015.
      Charlie Smith

      The mayor also noted that Richmond has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by six percent over the past decade even as the population rose by seven percent.

      In recent years, Richmond has become a destination for people from across the region with such events as the Richmond World Festival and Richmond Maritime Festival, and daring theatre productions at Gateway Theatre, as well as a far more vibrant dining scene.