Viral video shows just how bald U.S. president Donald Trump really is

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      There's no shame in a man losing his hair. Everyone from Patrick Stewart and Samuel L. Jackson to Jason Statham and Jeff Bezos has proven that, with a little swagger, being bald can be seriously badass. (That might be the first time the words "Jeff Bezos", "swagger", and "badass" have appeared in the same sentence.) A large part of that is that it takes a really confident man to own his baldness and not attempt to cover it up with some ridiculous combover.

      That brings us to Donald Trump. A video of the U.S.president boarding Air Force One has gone viral this week because, thanks to a gust of wind, it shows just how bald he is in spite of his best efforts to cantilever his remaining strands into something vaguely resembling a human hairstyle. Check it out:

      The man who actually won the U.S. election, meanwhile, is unapologetically bald. I'm referring to Vladimir Putin, of course.

      That errant gust of wind delivered a gift to late-night talk show hosts. Here's what a few of them had to say.

      Seth Meyers;

      Well, I guess there’s one draft you couldn’t dodge. And you thought CNN was giving you bad coverage.

      James Corden:

      Even his hair has been lying to us. It looks like he’s flying with an emotional support animal. No wonder this president hates the environment, the wind humiliates him on a daily basis.

      Jimmy Fallon:

      We've all seen the wind do some crazy things to Donald Trump's hair, but nothing quite like this,” Fallon said. “Did his head just flash me? I mean, I have no idea what I just saw. Is anyone else kind of relieved that there wasn't a face on the back of his head?

      Jimmy Kimmell asked a few hairstylists to weigh in: