West End's Empire Landmark Hotel won't come down with a bang

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      Later this month, one of the tallest buildings in Vancouver is scheduled to begin to disappear.

      But there won’t be a big implosion or any similar spectacle, as some no doubt hoped.

      When the 42-storey Empire Landmark Hotel at 1400 Robson Street comes down, it’s going to do so quietly.

      The developer, Asia Standard Americas, and JMX Contracting, the company tasked with bringing the tower down, have opted for a slow and gradual deconstruction method called the Brokk system.

      It entails demolishing a building from the inside, taking towers down floor by floor from the top-down.

      The so-called Brokk method uses remote-controlled equipment to dismantle large structures from the inside.
      Brokk Inc USA

      A community meeting about the demolition is scheduled for next Friday (March 9), 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., at 1300 Robson Street.

      The deconstruction process is expected to take a year. Disruptions to the surrounding area is expected to be minimal.

      The space where the Empire Landmark Hotel stands now will be redeveloped with two residential towers hosting 237 market condos and 63 social-housing units.