NDP MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert rules out bid for Vancouver mayor

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      Spencer Chandra Herbert has decided against running for Vancouver mayor.

      The popular NDP MLA for Vancouver West End was never actually in the race. But now he’s officially out of it.

      “As many of you know I have been asked to consider running to be the mayor of Vancouver, and I have given it much thought,” begins a statement posted on his Facebook page. “I've come to a decision. I ran to be the MLA for my neighbours in the West End and Coal Harbour because I wanted to change our province for the better. I have so much that I want to get done for you, the community that elected me as your MLA in our new government that I realized I can't stop now.

      Chandra Herbert also mentioned that he wants to spend more time with his family. He and his partner, Romi Chandra Herbert, adopted their first child in February 2017.

      “I also know I can not [sic] and will not give up the precious time I have with my son, and husband to run for mayor,” Chandra Herbert continued on Facebook. “It's just too important. Walking through the park holding my son as he cooed at the birds it just hit me, I can't leave this."

      He added that his work as an MLA for the West End will continue.

      “I can and am making changes now with our new government that my neighbours have dreamed about for years, and don't need to run for Mayor to do that,” he wrote.

      So far, the only candidate to declare they are running for mayor is the Non-Partisan Association’s Hector Bremner. Bremner, age 37, is the newest face on Vancouver city council. He was elected in a by-election that was held last October.

      Vancouver’s next election for mayor, councillors, parks commissioners, and school board is scheduled for October 2018.