Adriane Carr’s Green Vancouver mayoral run hinges on assessment of public support

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      Coun. Adriane Carr conveyed two important things to her peers in the Green Party of Vancouver at their annual general meeting on March 11.

      One was that she is prepared to run for mayor in the October 2018 municipal election. The second was that she will run only under the Green banner if she decides to pursue the mayoralty.

      “It was an individual member on the floor who just stood up and asked if I would run for mayor,” Carr told the Straight in a March 13 phone interview. “And so I said that I was ready and willing.”

      Carr is in her second term as a Vancouver city councillor. She topped the council polls in the 2014 election.

      She also leads the biggest Green caucus in Vancouver’s political history. There are three elected Greens on the school board and two on the park board, and both civic bodies are chaired by Greens.

      “You go through a very personal deliberation, and also with my family, so when I say ‘ready and willing’, one piece of that is coming to the conclusion inside myself that this is something I’m prepared to do,” Carr said.

      “A second part of that is assessing, and it’s again with myself: Am I ready? Is this something that I feel that I would do a good job at?” she continued. “I know that, you know, I put a lot of effort into being a councillor. I love what I do, and I know that I’m effective as a councillor. So I wanted to be sure inside myself that I would make an effective mayor. And after going through a number of deliberations, I have come to the conclusion that I would make a good mayor.”

      Even though Carr is ready and willing, and the civic Greens unanimously approved a motion endorsing her, she is not officially declaring her candidacy yet.

      At the March 11 meeting, the party also decided to make an assessment of public support for Carr as a mayoral candidate because of the risk of losing the lone Green seat on council.

      “I stated that I would make my final decision after I receive a report on that assessment,” Carr said.

      Carr related that she also told her colleagues she will run only as a Green, and not under another banner, saying: “The only move for me that would be honest and honest with the public would be to stand as a Green.”