Transit Driver Appreciation Day is a chance to thank the person behind the wheel of your bus

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      In December, an anonymous person posted a confession on the Georgia Straight website, expressing irritation about those who thank their bus drivers.

      "Would you use that same tone to thank someone who held the door? Handed you a plate? Complimented you on your hair?" the person wrote. "You all sound ridiculous."

      A large majority then gave a thumbs down to the statement.

      Then in January, another anonymous person posted a confession on the site again complaining about those who thank bus drivers.

      "I will never do that, myself," the confessor declared. "I pay them to drive me where I need to go so logically thinking they should be the ones thanking me for riding the bus."

      And again, a large majority gave a thumbs down to the statement.

      "Are you for real, dude?" one commenter asked.

      "You won the Worst Confrssion [sic] of 2018 so far," another wrote.

      "We say thanks because you know, we are not assholes like you," stated another commenter.

      Today, you can cue up the comments section again today.

      That's because TransLink is celebrating Transit Driver Appreciation Day, even though it normally falls on March 18.

      And none other than TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond, along with several others, have stepped forward to thank the drivers.

      "I want to thank all of our great transit operators and front-line staff," Desmond says in the tweet below. 

      Unifor Local 111 represents more than 3,700 transit operators in Metro Vancouver.

      In 2014, the union worked with Transit Police on a public awareness campaign to try to stop attacks and harassment of local bus drivers.

      This video raised awareness about the violence that transit operators encounter on the job.

      There's also a day for those who hop on the bus.

      Transit Rider Appreciation Day falls on May 16.