What's the best sports ticket in Vancouver right now?

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      Most sports fans don't love all leagues equally, but the chances are that a fan of one sport will have at least an appreciation for other such pastimes.

      When it comes to the four major sports in Vancouver—baseball, football, hockey, soccer, RIP Grizz—it’s important to note that while only one Vancouver team plays in what’s considered the highest league, that doesn’t mean that it offers the best experience. That’s especially true when you consider the price that’s being asked by said team.

      Of course, the Vancouver Canucks are stumbling to an incredibly rough finish to the season. Solace can be found (one supposes) in cheering for the team to lose in order to gain the best odds of a high draft pick. But no one wants to actually watch the squad do it. Simply put, it’s straight up ugly out there.

      So, what team currently playing gives sports fans the best bang for their buck? (And yes, we’re excluding the Vancouver Canadians, who easily held the title during their season last year, and the B.C. Lions, as both clubs haven’t started playing yet).

      The Vancouver Canucks

      Lowest price for a ticket to the team’s next home game off its website: $57 (Anaheim Ducks

      Entertainment Factor: 3/10. It’s pretty dead out there without Brock Boeser constantly threatening to score.

      Atmosphere: 5/10. It’s fun watching other teams skate around the Canucks at times, and there’s more room for the ordinary fan now that prices have dropped.

      The Vancouver Giants

      Lowest price for a ticket to the team’s next home game off its website: $19.75 (Victoria Royals)

      Entertainment Factor: 9/10. The team is one of the most exciting squads in the Western Hockey League and is heading into the playoffs with forward Ty Ronning leading the way. If you haven’t already heard, Ronning absolutely smashed the Giants’ all-time scoring record this season, his 61 goals easily besting Evander Kane’s previous high of 48. The playoff matchup between the Giants and the Victoria Royals is getting such hype that Sportsnet is going to broadcast Game 4 between the rival clubs.

      Atmosphere: 4/10. Unfortunately, a terribly misguided decision to move the Giants to the Langley Events Centre has sucked all the fun out of their playoff run, as it’s predictably been a disaster at the box office. However, one has to think the place will be amped for the team’s first playoff game in four years.

      The Vancouver Whitecaps

      Lowest price for a ticket to the team’s next home game off its website: $45 (Los Angeles Galaxy)

      Entertainment Factor: 8/10. The Whitecaps are good, and even despite a tough 4-1 loss to Atlanta, the team is 2-1 to start the year. The team has exciting forwards and though they haven’t scored a ton so far (five goals in the three contests), it’s fun to watch Kendall Waston, Cristian Techera and Alphonso Davies do their thing. Oh, and the team hasn't lost at home in 10 games. 

      Atmosphere: 9/10. B.C. Place is just a fun place to be when the Whitecaps are on tap, as the home crowd is constantly into it. Casual fans often equate soccer with the word ‘boring’, but the fans packing the stands in simply won’t let you lose interest.


      We’re going to have to say the Whitecaps, even as the price is a little hefty—seeing the Galaxy will run you more than most opponents. The Giants come in a close second, and would be first if they still played at the Pacific Coliseum. We’ll check back in the summer to see how the Canadians and Lions compare to the ‘Caps.

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