Doug Ford is being portrayed as a bully—and that could get in the way of him becoming Ontario's next premier

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      Whenever a new political leader emerges, there are attempts by their opponents to brand them in a negative way.

      Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford is discovering this in a big way as he tries to position himself as the next premier of his province.

      He's being repeatedly portrayed on social media as a bully with an explosive temper.

      And that could prove fatal to his chances should this message stick in the minds of voters.

      Late last month, a Forum poll showed that the Liberals, under Premier Kathleen Wynne, are making up ground.

      Ford's PCs had 36 percent support, compared to 29 percent for the Liberals and 26 percent for the NDP.

      That's a sharp fall from mid-February, when half of Ontario residents who were polled said they supported the PCs.

      Here are some other social-media messages that are helping Wynne stage a comeback in advance of the June 7 provincial election.

      In the 2014 election, many thought that Wynne was a dead duck.

      However, she staged an astonishing recovery and won a majority after then PC leader Tom Hudak made a few gaffes during the campaign. 

      Can she do it again when all seemed lost at the start of the year?

      Stay tuned. This campaign is going to be fun to watch