North Vancouver RCMP respond to high-school bomb threat, after Lynn Valley standoff day before

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      Two separate incidents involving the RCMP occurred on the North Shore yesterday and today.

      Today (April 16), North Vancouver RCMP responded to a bomb threat at Bodwell High School, located at 955 Harbourside Drive.

      Although the international boarding school is on spring break, students living in residence, as well as some neighbouring businesses, were evacuated and taken by bus to Mickey McDougall Community Centre.

      Streets in the area were blocked off and the police began a search of the area at 10 a.m.

      Update (1 p.m., April 16): RCMP announced that the evaucation and road blocks have been removed as, after a search, no bomb was found.

      Previously on January 23, West Vancouver police evacuated West Vancouver Secondary School after being notified of a bomb threat. The West Vancouver School District reopened the school on January 24. Shortly thereafter, two students were arrested on Vancouver Island for uttering threats that resulted in three schools being shut down on January 25 during provincial exams.

      The current North Vancouver threat occured a day after the RCMP ended a five-hour standoff with a man last night. 

      The incident began around 7 p.m. on April 15 on the 1500 block of Dovercourt Road in Lynn Valley.

      Neighbours reported witnessing a man entering a home which had been heavily damaged by fire and was regarded as unlivable.

      Firefighters had battled a blaze at the two-storey residence on April 13 after smoke began billowing out of a basement.

      An elderly couple had been treated for smoke inhalation. Although they had feared their son was trapped inside, firefighters did not find anyone in the residence.

      In response to calls on April 15, police encountered a 44-year-old man who had barricaded himself in the house, said he would not leave, and threatened to shoot police. Consequently, the Lower Mainland Combined Forces Emergency Response Team was called in.

      After negotiations, the man was arrested around midnight without incident or injuries.

      According to RCMP, the man is the son of the homeowners.

      No connection between the bomb threat or standoff have been stated.