Sea Shepherd Conservation Society prepares to sail for Vancouver to aid of Alexandra Morton

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      Environmental rebel Paul Watson has revealed plans to return to Vancouver this summer.

      “The Martin Sheen is departing from Honolulu bound for Vancouver for Operation Virus Hunter on May 1st,” reads a message that the founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society wrote on Facebook yesterday (April 29).

      The post includes a sort-of help-wanted ad. “We need an engineer,” it reads. “A Canadian or an American or otherwise any foreign national holding a B1B2 visa. Anyone interested please let me know.”

      Watson, a founding member of Greenpeace, spent many of his formative years as an activist in B.C.

      According to a previous Facebook post, Watson and other Sea Shepherd members are travelling Vancouver to assist Alexandra Morton, a marine biologist and vocal opponent of fish farming in B.C.’s coastal waters. Watson wrote that the Sea Shepherd society will join Morton’s efforts against that industry.

      A short documentary that was recently made available online explains Morton’s opposition to fish farming.

      “The inherent problem with crowding millions of animals into feedlots is that diseases flourish,” Morton says in the film. “Since only nets separate millions of farmed-Atlantic salmon from wild salmon, diseases are flowing freely into the wild salmon migration routes.”

      The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is a marine-conservation organization and group of activists that is best-known for its use of direct-action tactics. It operates a number of ships in oceans around the world that are known to engage in physical confrontations aimed at stopping practices the group deems harmful. In the past, it has acted against illegal-whaling operations, for example, and dolphin hunting off the coast of Japan.

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