Video: Stormy Daniels asks for Donald Trump's resignation on Saturday Night Live

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      This weekend's Saturday Night Live included a surprise guest alongside Alec Baldwin's impersonation of Donald Trump.

      On the phone with him was Stephanie Clifford, better known as the adult film star Stormy Daniels.

      In a cameo performance she told the president that "a storm's coming, baby".

      That came after she told Trump that it would take "a resignation" for the controversy about her to go away.

      Watch CNN's coverage of the phone call that plenty of people are talking about this morning.

      Meanwhile, Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani has shown up on TV talk shows this weekend to reiterate his claim that a $130,000 payment to Daniels from Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, did not violate U.S. campaign-finance laws.

      MSNBC legal analyst Katie Phang called this a "collosally stupid move on behalf of Trump to have his personal counsel" going on TV talk shows.

      "I now call this Rudy Giuliani's destruction-of-credibility tour," she said.

      Watch MSNBC's coverage of Rudy Giuliani's appearances on TV talk shows.