Strangest story of the week: Was Vancouver mom fired over link to foul-mouthed nine-year-old rapper Lil Tay?

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      You can't make this stuff up.

      Earlier this week, the South China Morning Post's Ian Young wrote a rollicking article about a nine-year-old trash-talking gangsta rapper named Lil Tay.

      The foul-mouthed little girl been lighting up YouTube by waving around wads of cash and bragging about being the richest girl in the world.

      Young revealed that the "miniature vulgarian"—as he called her—has actually been filming videos in Vancouver.

      That's demonstrated by the screen shot below, which clearly shows the waters of False Creek.

      That's Vancouver behind the delightful Lil Tay.

      Later, Young noted that a woman who's believed to be her mother, Angela Tian, lost her job at Pacific Evergreen Realty.

      One of the company's executives told the Daily Hive that this occurred after it became clear that she played a role in Lil Tay's career success.

      Naturally, this has caught the attention of the U.S. entertainment shows.

      Watch how this story is being covered on Hollywood Life.

      But then Global B.C. reported that Tian wasn't fired—she resigned.

      This came after she reportedly used her boss's Mercedes in a video.

      There's no word on whether there are going to be any other actions taken in connection with this bizarre story.

      This Lil Tay video has 2.6-million views on YouTube.