Board members, Vancouver council hopefuls bolt NPA following foiled nomination of Hector Bremner

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      Desertions have struck the board of Vancouver’s oldest municipal party.

      The resignations followed the controversial May 7 decision of the Non-Partisan Association’s board denying NPA city councillor Hector Bremner the chance to stand for nomination as the party’s candidate for mayor.

      Sarah Weddell, Natasha Westover, and Krissy Van Loon have left the board, NPA president Gregory Baker has confirmed.

      Baker didn’t seem too concerned about the departures.

      “It’s disappointing, I have to say, but at the same time, our board is 15 people right now, so it’s a big board,” Baker told the Straight in a phone interview. “We have…a lot of people that bring…valuable skills to the organization. So…I’m confident we still have good people here.”

      Meanwhile, individuals who previously expressed interest in seeking NPA city-council nominations have withdrawn their applications.

      One is Adrian Crook, video-game consultant and author of the 5 Kids 1 Condo parenting blog. Crook, who is a Bremner supporter, announced through social media that he will still pursue running for council but not with the NPA.

      Educator Jorge Julian Prieto described in a Facebook post the board's decision on Bremner's nomination application as an act of self mutilation. He is not going to seek a nomination to run as candidate for council.

      Scott de Lange Boom, a housing advocate, also declared through social media that he is no longer interested in an NPA nomination and will look at options.

      The NPA board has approved the applications of park-board commissioner John Coupar, businessman Ken Sim, and financial analyst Glen Chernen to seek the party’s nomination for mayoral candidate on May 29.

      Bremner previously indicated to the Straight that he is not ruling out the possibility of forming his own slate that may run outside the NPA in the October 20, 2018, civic election.

      Bremner claimed that he had signed up more than 2,000 people for his now failed bid for the nomination. He said that they represent more than half of the NPA’s membership.

      Baker refused to say whether or not he wants Bremner and his supporters to stay with the NPA.