Woman shits on the floor of Tim Hortons in Langley, and then throws her freshly laid mud monkey at the staff

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      Sometimes there are no words, so let's keep this brief.

      Perhaps the woman in the above video wanted the keys to the washroom at a Langley Tim Hortons and was told to stuff it.

      Or maybe she was angry that the franchise was out of chocolate-dipped Timbits.

      Whatever was wrong, she was obviously plenty mad at the staff. 

      So, evidently dealing with people who weren't in the mood to take her shit, she pulled down her pants and took a shit. Right in the middle of the restaurant. And then threw her freshly made mud monkey at the staff. 

      Seriously. What is wrong with the world? Just because Tim Hortons is out of long johns, that doesn't give you the right to make your own. 

      ps. Props to the woman in question for being able to shit on command. (And hey YouTube-stop deleting the video every 3.26 minutes. Having to find a fresh one to replace the one above with is seriously starting to make me want to chunder).