Coquitlam piano teacher booked on seven additional sex charges

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      Nearly three months after Coquitlam RCMP announced three sex charges against piano teacher Dmytro (Dmitri) Kubyshkin is back in the news.

      That's because the Mounties have revealed that seven more counts have been laid against him.

      Seven charges are for sexual assault and three are for sexual interference. They are in connection with offences allegedly dating back to 1998.

      Kubyshkin has been released from custody, subject to the following conditions:

      • he is not allowed to teach piano to students under 18; 
      • he cannot be alone with anyone under 18;
      • and his students must be "fully aware of the charges against him".

      According to the Coquitlam RCMP, the investigation is still active and officers are interested in speaking to anyone who believes they might have been a victim.

      At this time, none of the allegations have been proven in court.