Spurned contender Hector Bremner not playing kingmaker in NPA ballot for Vancouver mayoral bet

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      It’s another indication that Hector Bremner is done with the Non-Partisan Association (NPA).

      The Vancouver councillor says he and many of his supporters are not going to back anyone for the NPA’s mayoral nomination.

      “I’m moving on, and we’re now just focused on what to do next,” Bremner told the Georgia Straight in a phone interview.

      Bremner had applied to join the race, but was rejected by the NPA board. Also denied was engineer George Steeves.

      This has left park commissioner John Coupar, financial analyst Glen Chernen, and businessman Ken Sim in the contest.

      Bremner’s camp has blamed Chernen’s faction for the councillor’s disqualification.

      Bremner can choose to back either Coupar or Sim. Also, it wouldn’t be surprising if organizers for Coupar and Sim may try to court Bremner’s supporters.

      “People have been reaching out. We’re not engaging in any of that,” Bremner said.

      Coupar did not respond to requests for an interview with the Straight.

      Bremner has claimed to have signed more than 2,000 members for the NPA or well over half of the party’s membership.

      Bremner is confident that any call for support by either Coupar or Sim from his allies will fall on “deaf ears”.

      “The reality is that Mr. Sim and Mr. Coupar have done nothing even though everybody pretty much agrees that there's no reason to prevent us from being the race,” he said.

      Bremner has rallied people around his ‘let’s fix housing’ slogan.

      “They believe in this movement, and people are looking to stick with us,” he said.

      Bremner also indicated that he is open to the idea of joining forces with anyone who can contribute in a “positive way to fix housing”.

      “I’m certainly committed to working with anyone, whether they are left, right, in between,” Bremner said.