More than 350 Metro Vancouver employees paid $100,000-plus each

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      Politicians on the Metro Vancouver board recently took a lot of heat over a pay increase and retirement allowance they voted for themselves.

      Following a public backlash, the board rescinded the plan in April this year. It would have cost taxpayers $131,333 for a one-time salary raise and $498,000 in retirement allowance retroactive to 2007, plus $62,500 per year going forward for retirement money.

      As for its staff, Metro Vancouver is a generous employer.

      According to a statement of financial information ending December 31, 2017, the regional district paid more than $135 million to its employees in base salaries last year, excluding benefits and expenses.

      The report, which is included in the board’s meeting agenda for Friday (May 25), also shows that 352 employees each earned more than $100,000 in basic pay.

      A separate group of seven took home at least $200,000 each.

      The biggest paycheque, of $311,656, went to Carol Mason, administrator and chief administrative officer of Metro Vancouver.

      Politicians who sit on the Metro Vancouver board and committees got a combined basic salary of $840,505 in 2017. They also rang up expenses totalling $111,799.