Surrey RCMP warns of repeat groper in Newton area who may drive a Honda Accord

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      Surrey Mounties believe that the same person may be responsible for a series of sexual assaults over the past month.

      In its latest update, the RCMP says there have been three such reports between April 24 and May 21.

      In the first instance, a woman was grabbed and groped around 1 a.m. while walking in the area around 84 Avenue and King George Boulevard. When she screamed, the suspect ran away.

      The second instance occurred at 5:16 a.m. on May 20. A woman was again grabbed and groped, this time as she was walking in the area around 144th Street and 76 Avenue.

      The following morning at 4:45 a.m., another woman was grabbed and sexually assaulted as she was walking east on 72 Avenue at 134 Street. The suspect fled after she managed to escape.

      Traffic cameras have obtained images of a grey-brown Honda Accord with rear tinted windows and a sun roof. This vehicle has been linked to the crimes.

      This Honda Accord may have been driven by the suspect.

      The suspect has been described as a 5'10" South Asian male with a medium build and dark hair.

      He may or may not have facial hair.

      "Sometimes we see a series of incidents such as this after a person has gone through a personal crisis," Staff Sgt. Maj. Beth McAndie said in an RCMP news release. "If this is the case, we encourage you to come forward to speak to us

      "The information we have released to the public about these incidents is not intended to raise fear, but to raise awareness about this investigation," she added. "We want community members to know that we are looking for a man who has violated women in Surrey, and we are asking for your help to locate him and the suspect vehicle."