New poll shows NDP with four-point lead over Doug Ford's Progressive Conservatives in Ontario

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      The Ontario provincial election looks like it's shaping up as a referendum on Doug Ford.

      A new poll by Abacus Data shows that the Progressive Conservatives under Ford are trailing the NDP by four percentage points.

      The NDP under Andrea Horwath has the support of 37 percent of decided voters, compared to 33 percent for the PCs and 23 percent for the Liberals under Kathleen Wynne.

      "Among current Liberal supporters, 79% say they would prefer an NDP win over a PC win suggesting Ms. Wynne's gamble yesterday may send Liberal voters to the NDP to stop Ford," Abacus suggested.

      Sixty percent of respondents preferred an NDP win whereas only 40 percent preferred a PC victory.

      According to the polling company, the NDP's lead among women under the age of 45 is a key factor.

      In this demographic group, the NDP is leading by 19 percentage points.

      The PCs have an edge among voters 60 years of age and older.

      Ford's party entered the election campaign with a huge lead and the NDP was in third place.

      However, the collapse of the Liberals has propelled the NDP into becoming the first choice of the highest number of decided voters.