NPA councillor Hector Bremner says NPA mayoral candidate Ken Sim has won a poisoned chalice

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      An NPA councillor has given an indication that he's not necessarily onboard with his party's mayoral nominee.

      Coun. Hector Bremner congratulated Ken Sim on Facebook before declaring that the NPA's standard-bearer won a "poisoned chalice".

      Tonight, Sim easily defeated two other candidates, NPA park commissioner and land-deal researcher Glen Chernen.

      The NPA board has earlier refused to green-light Bremner to seek the mayoral nomination. This came after Bremner claimed to have signed up 2,000 members.

      Sim, an entrepreneur and chartered professional accountant, won the NPA mayoral nomination with 977 votes.

      "This is now no longer the NPA as most people know it," Bremner stated tonight. "Our supporters—those desperate for housing and hope in our city—have asked us to keep moving forward, and we will.

      "To the thousands of Vancouverites who signed up to the NPA, but were disenfranchised by the NPA board which remains in place, we extend to you our welcoming arms," Bremner continued. "We will be reaching out to all of you in the coming days."

      Bremner has called his movement #LetsFixHousing.

      He's invited people interested in learning more to attend a meeting at the Charles Bar on Monday (June 4) at 5:30 p.m.