Wai Young pooh-poohs NPA’s chances of winning the next Vancouver municipal election

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      Wai Young has issued a statement regarding the nomination of Vancouver businessman Ken Sim as the mayoral candidate of the Non-Partisan Association (NPA).

      The former Vancouver South Conservative MP congratulated Sim for securing the NPA nomination last Sunday (June 3).

      Young, who is aspiring to become the next mayor, then proceeded to slam both the NPA and Vision Vancouver, the party that has governed the city since 2008.

      “For decades, Vision Vancouver and the NPA have ruled our city and dictated to residents,” Young stated. “It's time for city hall to work for the people of Vancouver and not be bought by a few big businesses who think they can buy our city.”

      Young also doesn’t think that the NPA will win the election.

      “It's time for wholesale change at City Hall and for Vision and Vision lite, the NPA to be replaced,” she stated. “The NPA has not won in over a decade and will not win on October 20th.”

      Young previously urged her supporters to sign up memberships with the NPA to get her nominated as the party’s candidate for mayor.

      Young eventually dropped out of the race, and did not apply for the NPA’s nomination.

      A new group called Coalition Vancouver is backing Young for mayor.

      Coalition Vancouver’s slogan is ‘People, Not Politics’.

      “Coalition Vancouver will create and implement reasonable, practical and progressive policies to build the best City that Vancouver can be for all of its people,” the group states on its website.