Another Chernen joins a Vancouver party nomination race

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      Nicholas Chernen hasn’t been in the news lately as much as his younger brother Glen.

      Glen provided some excitement in the recent Vancouver mayoral nomination of the Non-Partisan Association, but ultimately, he finished last.

      It’s not likely going to be the last heard about Glen, and for now, it’s his older brother’s turn to have a piece of the political limelight.

      Chernen is seeking a nomination with the Green Party of Vancouver.

      Currently general manager of the Smoking Lily boutique in Mount Pleasant, Chernen wants to run for school board in the October 20 civic election.

      On the Green party’s website listing of nominees, Chernen was recalled as a former candidate for council with another party in 2014.

      That party was the Cedar Party, which Chernen cofounded with Glen.

      The Chernen brothers both ran for council in 2014. Chernen got 8,724 votes, and Glen, 9,577 votes.

      “Nicholas is committed to work across party lines to find the best solutions for Vancouver from a community perspective, not only a party perspective and this is why he supports the idea of a non-majority council,” according to Chernen’s write-up on the Green Party’s site.

      That’s a familiar theme that Chernen spelled out in an online opinion piece for the Georgia Straight in 2014.

      “I have tremendous respect for many of my political colleagues in other parties across the city,” Chernen stated back then. “I support the idea of a non-majority council. This outcome would achieve a state of true democracy, where individuals do not work solely for a party but for all of Vancouver.”

      “There will be areas that we agree on and ones that we do not,” Chernen continued. “However, I am committed to work across party lines to find the best solutions for Vancouver from a community perspective, not a party perspective.”

      At that time as well, Chernen referred to himself as a “reluctant politician”.

      On Green Party’s website, Chernen’s aim is explained as thus: “Nicholas wants to be a part of creating a legacy of peace, health, good government and environmental stewardship. Nicholas believes that the Global Green Principles of the Green Party provide the structure to make this possible.”

      He is also described as a single father of two teenaged sons.

      Also seeking the party’s nomination for school board candidates are Lois Chan-Pedley, Alex Dow, incumbent school board trustee Estrelita Gonzalez, school board chair Janet Fraser, and Ralph Fraatz.

      Green school board trustee Judy Zaichkowsky is not running for another term.

      Four are seeking nominations to run as Green park commissioners. They are incumbent park board chair Stuart Mackinnon, Dave Demers, Mash Salehomoum, and Camil Dumont.

      Looking for nominations as council candidates are Denise Brennan, Terry Martin, David Wong, Pete Fry, current park commissioner Michael Wiebe, incumbent councillor Adriane Carr, and Françoise Raunet.

      Vancouver Greens will choose their municipal candidates on June 27.