Former park board candidate wants to know which "moron" authorized early-morning jackhammering by hospital

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      Today, my Twitter feed has been lighting up about construction noise.

      The jackhammering began around 3 a.m. outside Vancouver General Hospital, according to former park-board candidate Dave Pasin.

      He said this racket continued until 7 a.m.

      This work was being done to meet a deadline to complete a separated bike lane along West 10th Avenue on the north side of VGH.

      The City of Vancouver's noise bylaw restricts construction-related nose from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturdays.

      However, the bylaw allows for an "exception permit" from the city.

      Some wonder if there's any justification for allowing noise-related construction at ths time so close to the province's most important acute-care hospital.

      Of course, with a new SkyTrain line planned along West Broadway, this could only be the beginning of much more late-night jackhammering to come.

      It sounds like a ready-made election issue for any enterprising mayoral candidate looking to generate some media attention.