OneCity nominates Christine Boyle and Brandon Yan to run for Vancouver city council

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      United Church minister Christine Boyle and Out in Schools education director Brandon Yan have obtained their party's support to run for council.

      Today, they won OneCity nominations over two other candidates: two-time council candidate RJ Aquino and political newcomer Ben Bolliger.

      Aquino has run once for COPE and once for OneCity, a left-of-centre party formed by activists dissatisfied with Vision Vancouver's reliance on private-sector solutions to the housing crisis.

      Yan is a former City of Vancouver planning commissioner.

      Earlier this year, he cowrote an article on calling for bold measures to deal with the housing challenges, including stronger rent controls, a speculation tax, and "an ambitious and progressive tax on the wealthiest property owners to build social, supportive and affordable housing and purpose-built rentals throughout the city".

      Boyle has also written articles on In one of them earlier this year, she stated that what matters when campaigning and governing is to "always seek to redistribute power to those who have less of it".

      Christine Boyle's campaign has been rooted in ensuring that processes never allow communities with more social or economic power to override those with less.

      "Lift up the voices of those most impacted and those least heard from," Boyle declared. "The point isn’t just to win an election, or win on a couple issues, the point is to challenge and change the whole imbalanced landscape."

      OneCity Vancouver has also nominated incumbent trustee Carrie Bercic, social-justice advocate Erica Jaaf, and EdMeCo founder Jennifer Reddy to run for school board.