Con artists dressed as Mounties handcuff 58-year-old woman

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      A well-known tax scam was taken to a new level on June 21 when a Vancouver woman was visited by fake RCMP officers.

      It began with her receiving a call around 4 p.m. from someone purporting to work for the Canada Revenue Agency.

      "The caller told her there was a warrant for her arrest related to a balance-owed from her taxes," Vancouver police said in a news release. "The woman was then connected over the phone to another fraudster claiming to be an RCMP officer. This person was able to manipulate the woman into providing personal information, including her location at the time."

      Two men showed up there dressed as Mounties.

      They were wearing blue pants with yellow stripes down the side, as well as police duty belts, "including what appeared to be firearms".

      They told her she was under arrest, handcuffed her, and escorted her in an older-model sedan to a bank near Cambie Street and West King Edward Avenue.

      There, she withdrew $6,000 and then these "cops" drove her to a bitcoin machine in Surrey where she deposited the money.

      At that point, the suspects left the scene.

      "Taking physical control of someone like this can be considered kidnapping,” Const. Jason Doucette said in the VPD news release. “We are reminding people to hang-up on anyone claiming to be from the CRA. If you want to double check, call the agency at a publicly available number.”


      On June 22, the Vancouver police retracted information in its June 21 news release, saying the woman made up the part about being kidnapped by phony cops. For more details, read this link.