Vancouver mayoral candidate Wai Young really, really, really doesn't like bike lanes

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      A candidate for mayor in this October's civic election has attempted to give her campaign a kick start by declaring war on Vancouver cyclists.

      "There will be no new bike lanes unless we move one from somewhere else," Wai Young wrote on Twitter last night (June 21).

      The former Conservative MP for Vancouver South followed that up with a number of messages where she pledged to remove existing bike lanes if elected mayor.

      "The bike lane in front of VGH will be gone," one reads.

      The bike lane across cambie bridge will be gone," reads the next.

      "The kits beach bike lane will be gone," Young wrote in a fourth tweet.

      "As mayor i will free the roads," she added in yet another message posted on Twitter.

      Young was previously aligned with the Non-Partisan Association (NPA) but now is running with the support of a group called Coalition Vancouver.

      She officially announced her intention to compete for mayor of Vancouver on June 21.

      Young “has 35 years of experience finding solutions to numerous complex issues involving diverse community members and groups in Vancouver,” reads a June 21 media release. “Wai has a deep respect for the voice of everyday Vancouverites. She has a track record of bringing people together to create the best solutions for the communities she has worked with.”

      According to a 2016 city "report card" on Vancouver's walking and cycling infrastructure, one in 10 Vancouver residents peddled a bicycle to work that year.

      "Since 2013, Vancouver residents continue to make more of their trips on foot and by bike every year," the document reads. "Cycling has long been the fastest growing mode share. Since 2013, cycling trips have increased from four to seven per cent of all trips made. Walking trips have also increased, while car and transit trips have decreased slightly."

      Vancouver's next election for mayor, city council, park board, and school board is scheduled for October 20, 2018.

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