Video: Racist diatribe on Vancouver transit system interrupted by Indigenous man who supports immigrants

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      According to the News 1130 website, the video below was taken on the #41 bus near the corner of Joyce Street and Kingsway.

      It shows a foul-mouthed young woman berating a much older immigrant woman at the front of the bus.

      In a bullying tone, the young white woman condemned the other passenger for speaking a language other than English, calling her a "fucking dumb-ass".

      The young woman also told her to "go back to your country."

      This video shows how a First Nations man defended an immigrant against a racist diabtribe.
      Randy Keeping

      But then, she was interrupted by an Indigenous man, Randy Keeping, who is outside of camera range.

      "They can speak any language they want," Keeping declared. "I'm First Nations. This is all of our land. This is all of our people's land. It's everyone's land."

      He posted video on YouTube with the following message: "#FuckRacism".