City of Vancouver initiates mass rezoning of 438 properties in Grandview-Woodland

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      A total of 438 single-family and two-family properties in an East Vancouver neighbourhood are up for rezoning.

      The rezoning was initiated by the City of Vancouver as part of the Grandview-Woodland community plan approved by council in 2016.

      The measure is expected to enable the development of 3,000 new housing units.

      The number is about 42 percent of the 7,150 new homes that the Grandview-Woodland community plan is anticipated to generate in 30 years.

      Grandview-Woodland is bordered by Clark Drive, Nanaimo Street, East 12th Avenue, and Burrard Inlet.

      The mass rezoning will establish new townhouse, rowhouse, four-storey apartment, and four-storey mixed use zones.

      The proposed changes will create a four-storey apartment zone in areas along East 1st Avenue, East 12th   Avenue, and Garden Drive.

      A number of areas along East 1st Avenue and Nanaimo Street will have a new zoning for 3.5-storey townhouses.

      Certain areas along Nanaimo Street will be for four-storey mixed-use apartment buildings.

       “It is anticipated that City-initiated rezoning will reduce processing times, improve affordability, and encourage the development of multi-family housing,” according to a city staff report to council.

      The report was prepared by city planner Paula Huber, who wrote that city-initiated rezonings “minimize the need for individual site-specific rezoning applications”.

      “This streamlines the development process, provides certainty for the community and future applicants, and helps reduce the costs and risk of development,” according to Huber.

      A public hearing on the mass rezoning is scheduled Tuesday (June 26).