North Vancouver RCMP arrest Surrey man possessing "staggering" amount of stolen personal property

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      North Vancouver RCMP have arrested a 26-year-old Surrey man who had amassed a sizeable stash of stolen property after a one-man crime spree.

      In early June, North Vancouver RCMP's Uniform Crime Reduction Team launched an investigation into reports thefts from vehicles and residences and of mail from apartments in North Vancouver.

      On June 13, RCMP arrested Cody Parent on numerous counts of breaking and entering, theft, and possession of stolen property.

      When RCMP used a warrant to search Parent's residence, they uncovered what Cpl. Richard De Jong called a "staggering" amount of stolen personal property.

      Items included credit cards, blank cheques, banking documents, passports, driver's licences, keys, computers, USB drives, key fobs, an embossing machine (used to create fake credit cards), and mail stolen from addresses across the Lower Mainland.

      Parent allegedly used a stolen credit card and identification to purchase a BMW vehicle, which has since been seized by police as property obtained by fraud.

      He is being held in custody on alleged charges of breaking and entering and breaching a court order.

      Police are continuing their efforts to identify the owners of the stolen property, with additional charges expected to be laid.

      North Vancouver RCMP

      The arrest follows a separate and unrelated investigation by the Richmond RCMP Property Crime Unit into mail thefts in Richmond in March and April. 

      On June 22, RCMP announced that 40-year-old Dana Adam Halifax was facing five charges that included mail theft, mischief, and theft of a parcel under $5,000.